This is my attempt to translate Reto to English

If I roll before your feet
Like a surrender helot
And I beg for a look of your eyes
Trembling with fear, almost in panic
If because I stand, static of emotion
Do you think that my heart
Will break in my chest,
And that I will be, forever,
slave of my passion?
You are so wrong, fresh and fragrant flower
I will break your pride like the miner
does the rock
And if you dare me to fight, I will fight
Your are froth and I’m the sea
Whom in its thrust relies
You make me cry, but someday I will make you cry
And then, when on your knees, you will ask, beg, for mercy and forgiveness,
Because my anger is infinite in its excesses
Do you know what will I do in those moments of indignation?
Take your heart out and kiss it till the end of my intention.

Transated by Zhaul, (Not so good, right?)