I hate.
Frustration in a prayer...

I wish my fists were enough,
I want to challenge life...

(not mine but nature’s)

Have a sense of where things are fair,
but destiny is tough
when hands scratch for cents and dimes
(An illogical god has been sold)

I pray only to self-deceive my impotence.
I can’t understand sickness in the mind
and the roll of jungle law on my land.

True creed remains as an ambivalence
What is good or right?

(The Books were written long before our time)

A contradiction to what now is at hand:
Love = build. Sin = destroy.

(and in between everybody is lost)

So this brings me back to those laws of the jungle...

(more or less nature’s)

Get what you want (need), that which is sold.

(media slaves)

No matter if inside you feel annoyed.
Cover yourself from shame with a golden bangle

(isn’t jewelry dumb, really, what’s it for?)

Happiness is just an invention of fairytales told.

Keep thinking that prestige, money and power are your goal...
And in the process...
get a divorce, cheat, step on others’ toes

(the jungle law)

History now proves that children’s inheritance is to become better than you.
Building destruction is something I can’t stop...