Was it the game,
or this melancholic hesitation?
Liquid touch on the skin,
and the inevitable frustration.

My name is now lost.
They nurtured my pain,
so I escaped from the ordeal
I wasn’t ready to pay

Yes, I must have corrupted
that innocent expectation…
Conned into growing faster,
a maze of misinterpretation.

Disrupted screen philosophers
giving life to one’s darkness
with a pack of lies labyrinth,
only to conceal the madness.

I offered an open heart.
Born with an unwritten mind,
filled with the wisdom of gods
only to be fed by all those lies.

A part of me now understands
why did I lose that basic notion…
Misleading learned truths,
money, power and distinction.

Here I am, trying to feel love,
"not to feel alone" misconception,
overrated search of yet another
spoiled sense of perception.

So, what is it that I want?