The man walks down the street
Everybody says hello to him,
He smiles and waves back
As he gets into his new van

That man is very nice
His manners are so polite
Everybody thinks he is a good man
So cool, he always has a plan

When the evening arrives
He gets home saying hello to his wife
He looks peaceful, he looks calm
Listening to the music of Chopin

There is such silence in the house
Where is the girl he asks?
In her bedroom, she replies
Calmly with pride, he smiles

He looks content with the life he has
He has conquered with his charm
The honey taste of success
He feels good and blessed

Now the wife goes to bed
Are you coming, dear, to bed?
In a moment I’ll be there
Thinking that life is very fair

He enters the room, takes of his clothes
Into the bed he crawls
Now he is passionately making love to her
Letting her have his excited breath

Now the passion is over,
There is a sound of sobbing there
Did you like it? – he asks
Answer me – he demands
The bedroom he is in is not his…
Crying, “Go away please”
(The little girl says)

(This happens almost every day)