It’s a double dare, distance and your eyes

It’s a double sight, what happened and what will be

It’s a double dream, remembering you and hope

It’s the pleasure of the sea caught in your eyes

Standing there and watching you walk

Palm trees bowing as you went by

The shinning of your smile and the hasting of my lips

The breeze caressing your face, the sand under your feet

And under the whirls of your hair a story just for me

Things you said and did a gift of mine

Time in the sleepy shores with your smile

Where I left my heart lost in time

Things I said I didn’t understand

Less understood the things you reply

But in my soul real feelings were on a flight

And forever burning in the mist of longing for

The defiance of whatever was not

and those moments getting lost

Dolanne’s melody ringing in my soul

The sight of staring beyond my control

The double dare of making you my goal