I can write you poems and imagine you are with me

And I’m ready to pay the fee so I can find the proem

To describe the notion of how deep I really feel

For years has been sealed, now? Resurrection

I can tame my anxiety, and take the wind as my accomplice

That is all my avarice, and I will tune my heart in such variety

That I will find the way to love you even though I know

Distance far away has taken the possibility to go on

Even if you do not love me so, I will take the stars

To compare them to you eyes, and be content though

Knowing that you are more beautiful than the sky

And that is a wondrous sight above all

It is not that is ok, to think about you every day

It is not that I am here and you are there or that I am afraid

About not meeting you ever again, this is a bane

It is not about then, it is about what my feelings contain