Angel loan

She filled my days
She came to me lent by angels
never to be mine,
a loan of lively hope

Of this heavenly gift
I have no words to portray
young girl, young lady, young woman
time went by like a lightning ray

It seems like yesterday
when I heard her sing, only once
she was embarrassed, I was proud
mosaic memories of her smile

when she turned fifteen
I taught her how to drive
I was a nervous wreck
But her laughter eased my fears

she used to dance with a silly face
swinging her hips like “I told you so”
Her laughter soothed my doubts
And in those moments my troubles were gone

Now she is grown
opening her wings preparing to fly
she will go to someone else’s land
and then, in silence
watching the moon,
I will hear her laughs in my soul
for she is an angel on loan